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Pitching, Hitting, & Running with KCK RBI in 15'

The KCK RBI Baseball & Softball family got together at Eisenhower Middle School for the "Pitch, Hit, and Run" competition. This event is the first league-wide event of this young season. There were participants from every part of the community, representing a multitude of colors, both in team gear, and in faces. My mom often compares Wyandotte county to a bottle of Heinz 57, "It's got a little bit of everything", she says.

This is what KCK RBI is about... Family.

The league is about mentoring our youth, teaching them some life lessons about competitive spirit, sportsmanship, and commitment while fostering the most important things in our community, family and friends.

Sunday's event was the second round of the competition. Both boys and girls competed. The three events were held on two of the fields at Eisenhower, the Run and Hit on one field, and the Throw on the second. It was a great turnout. I don't know who won the events, but there was plenty of good play by some good young talent. Fun was happening both on the field and off. Maybe one of my readers can comment with some of the event winners below. Nonetheless it was a smoothly run event. From the looks of it, fun trumped all, as far the kids were concerned.

These little guys couldn't care less who was winning or losing. Fun was in order...

The weather was outstanding. A nice breeze throughout the day with some sun brought light to what has been kind-of-a rainy spring here in Kansas City. League play begins at the end of the month, and I believe the kids are ready to go.

As far as the image making was concerned, it was a breeze. When in crowds though, I like to keep the aperture in mind to limit focus on just the subject of the photo. I ran with two bodies (I believe this will be my baseball kit this summer) for the event. The Canon 7D Mark II paired with the Sigma 150-600s lens & the Canon 70D with the Canon 70-200 IS II. The Sigma rested on a Benro monopod w/Sirui ballhead. There will be no hand-holding the Sigma (that thing's a beast).

For some of the image particulars: I run in manual mode at all times. Shooting into the sun in one shot, then backlit the next, I have to have the flexibility to adjust on the fly to the exact settings I need. That being said, the Mark II has this ridiculously awesome way of handling ISO, so I rock the auto ISO with the max at 3200. It allows me to shoot with the worry on only two sides of the triangle... so sweet. For this shoot, I froze most action solid with 1/800 to 1/1250 shutter speed. I will introduce some motion blur into future shoots to allow for more of a feeling of motion, but I wanted to be sure to get these shots. You don't get the range of subjects in one place very often. The day was awesome. Kudos to you Cle Ross!

With so many people there, and so many participants, I posted more photos than usual. Hope you enjoy.

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