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What do you have to say? What do you want to share?

About You

Let's talk about you... you are total strangers, acquaintances, colleagues, friends, and our families. What you have in common, is that you have a story to tell. You have love to give and strong opinions about your world. You have goals & you pursue your dreams even in the midst of your busy life. You work hard, and play harder. You have an undying passion for something you do or the message you share. Your life has meaning and it matters to you that you can share it with others. You feel that art is not so easily defined. The artist that plays an instrument or paints a picture is no more or less artistic than one who carefully crafts fine furniture, or performs at their peak in the business or sports arena..... you are our ideal customer.

About Us

Lapel Photography provides creative on-location Portrait Photography for those that have something to say

We thrive on creating your story.
Sports Individuals (and small groups), Musicians, Bands, Performers, Actors, Artists (including managers/agents), Dancers, Preachers, Teachers, Students, People of Faith, Workers, Craftsmen, Engineers, Designers, Businessmen, etc... Those with a passion and a story to tell.

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