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A ton of work done, a ton left to do...

Hello world. My first ever blog post at the ripe old age of 26.... +20, but who's countin'?
Thanks to everyone for your encouragement as I move forward into the world of online networking and marketing. With baseball and softball winding down for a while I've been able to squeeze a few minutes into creating the Facebook page for Lapel Photography , the website , and this blog.

Baseball has taught me something about photographing little people. They are little balls of energy, and capturing them in still position is a feat of champions. My son (7) plays for the "Dodgers" of KCK RBI League, and my daughter (9) plays for the "Yellow Sox" in Turner Recreational League. They have been running us ragged, but it has been worth every minute!

As far as the tech goes, I've been running with an 85mm Prime, 18-135 STM, and the 55-250 telephoto for this season. I'm a member of the Adobe Cloud and I supplement that with a nice complement of 3rd party software.

That's pretty much it for tonight and my first post, as the dishes are calling my name... 

I think about the bonds that come out sports, I think about a father and son, spending time together. Connections that will last forever and memories that will as well. Thanks Baseball.

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