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Year End Team & Individual Pics

Well the season and post-season have come to an end for the Dodgers of RBI League. All that is left for this year is "fall ball", which is starting out in a ball of fire.... I mean literally you will burst into a ball of flames when you walk outside. Yep, It's hot, real hot! We've got to keep our players, coaches, and parents hydrated out there.

We took some team and individual pics a few weeks ago, and I delivered them at our year-end party at Wyandotte County Lake last weekend. As promised, I'm providing a digital version of all of the pics for all to enjoy. Simply enlarge the photo or gallery, right click on the image you wish to download and "voila!" you have a digital image to do with what you may. You can always come back here to download another, but I suggest making a copy of the image before use. That way you'll always have an original.

Thanks to all of the Dodgers family for making this a great summer, and for supporting Lapel Photography with your kind words, your social sharing, and your generous donations. It means a lot to both Dayna and myself.

For those of you who have talked with us about additional pictures or additional services, I will be contacting you this week to deliver, quote pricing, and set up future photo sessions with you. Thanks again!

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