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Season-End Party was a Blast in Dodgertown, USA

This year's season end celebration was a day to remember. For the Dodgers of KCK RBI League and their families, Wyandotte County Lake in Kansas was a wet, drippy, muddy mess of water balloon fights, buckets and hoses that resembled a mosh pit of goodness Woodstock style! Great job to the "Angels" for putting on such an awesome time for the kids and adults alike. Along with trophies and awards, we had good food, drinks, and plenty of photo opportunities.

I just finished the post-production on the 40 pics that are featured in today's post. They embodied what this day was about... it was about people. People engaged in great fellowship and it was an honor to capture a piece of it to share with you.  

Dayna McGraw was the primary shooter at the event, as she captured 28 of these 40 shots. She completely knocked it out-of-the-park! She captured these moments fantastically. There was a slight overcast, so Dayna shot mostly at ISO 1600, which required a bit of noise reduction on some photos. Because of the outdoor and unpredictable environment she shot all of her photos with the 55-250mm for the extra focal length and a snappy 1/250 sec shutter speed or faster. I shot the day with the big flash, so I could maintain a low ISO and work with a more soft background. All-in-all it worked out great for both of us. Most of these shots are portrait-like in nature, so I did not watermark them as I usually would during post-production. Feel free to download or print any images that you wish.

It is fitting that I begin the photo gallery with a nice pic of Dayna working the mud pit for some for some grimy photo heaven! 

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